2 more die from burns, bringing toll to 55 in nightclub fire

Bucharest: Romanian authorities say two more people have died of burns suffered in a nightclub fire which brought down the government, bringing the death toll to 55.

The health ministry said Loredana Darescu, 29, died today at the BG Clinic in Ludwigshafen, Germany, where she had been transferred for treatment.

Darescu was with friends at the Colectiv nightclub on Oct. 30 when a spark ignited foam decor during a heavy-metal concert, causing a panicked stampede to the single exit door. A Facebook page was created this week to raise money for Darescu’s treatment.

Mircea Carantino, spokesman of Bagdasar-Arseni hospital, said another burn victim, Claudiu Bogdan Istrate, 22, died yesterday.