2 men held for robbery, attempting to murder woman

New Delhi:Two persons allegedly robs a house after trying to murder its owner in west Delhi’s Ramesh Nagar area, police said today.

The incident took place on April 19 when Zuber, who had worked at the victim’s house as a mason three days back, came to take his equipments, they said.

He requested the woman, a MCom student, for a glass of water and when she went inside, he followed her. He then kicked her and even strangulated her. Meanwhile, his accomplice Moinuddin was standing on the stairs for vigil.

The woman went lost consciousness due to the merciless thrashing, police said, adding she sustained severe injuries in her right eye and cheeks.

The accused then ransacked the house and fled from there with some valuables.

The accused had planned the robbery over a span of two days.

Police scanned nearby slum areas for the accused and railway stations, especially for trains bound for Purnia district in Bihar, since the accused belong to the place.

After five hours, the accused were arrested from Inderlok area.

Zuber came to Delhi around a month back and has been working as a mason. Moinuddin is accused of his wife’s murder in Puraniya.

Police have recovered an expensive HTC mobile phone and Rs 4,000 in cash from the accused.