2 men die while cleaning septic tank in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Two men died of asphyxia on Tuesday while they descended into a septic tank of a restaurant here to clean it, police said.A

“The two men had descended into a septic tank of the restaurant at around 4 p.m. They died almost immediately as they inhaled the methane gas collected in the tank,” Additional Commissioner of Police (East) Seemanth Kumar Singh told IANS here.

The two victims were identified as Ramu, 25, and Ravi, 38, from Raichur, about 460km north of Bengaluru.

“The fire brigade personnel had retrieved the bodies of the two men,” Singh said.

Police have held the restaurant’s owner Avinash Gupta, manager Ayush Gupta and caretaker Venkatesh for negligence, he said.

“The restaurant was built on the basement of the building and had violated the safety norms prescribed by the civic authorities. We are also questioning the civic health inspector incharge of the region,” Singh added.