2 held in Kherki Daula toll plaza incident

Gurugram: The police on Sunday arrested two persons in connection with a case where a man allegedly dragged a toll plaza employee on his car’s bonnet on Saturday.

The arrested accused persons have been identified as Sandeep and Pritam, both residents of Gurugram.

According to the police, Pritam was driving the car when the incident took place. The said vehicle (Innova car) was also recovered from the possession of the accused.

On Saturday, the accused hit and dragged a toll plaza employee who hung to the vehicle’s bonnet for almost six kilometers at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in Gurugram.

The car was asked to stop and pay at the toll plaza in Kherki Daula toll but the driver accelerated his vehicle, brushed past the toll barrier and refused to stop even as the attendant came out of his booth.

Disregarding the attendant who jumped onto the bonnet of the car, the driver sped away on the Gurugram- Manesar highway with the toll employee hanging onto the bonnet.

“You’ll stop my car? Even the police don’t stop my car, the driver of the car told me after he refused to pay the toll,” toll attendant Arun Kumar had told ANI.

Kumar said he was dragged after he tried to stop the Innova car which collided with the toll barrier and sped away from Kherki Daula toll in Gurugram.

The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera installed at the booth.

“They took me to the cloistered area, where they beat me up, tried to abduct me and assaulted me but somehow I managed to escape,” said Kumar.