2 employees of garment trader robbed of Rs 50 lakh

New Delhi: Two men were allegedly robbed of around Rs 50 lakh at gunpoint by five unidentified persons in east Delhi’s Krishna Nagar area today.

The victims, Dheeraj and Satish, work for a garment trader in Gandhi Nagar area, who had sent them to collect cash from several debtors.

Around 12 PM, the duo were heading towards their office on a motorbike after collecting money from a client in Vishwas Nagar area when they were targeted by the robbers who were on two motorbikes, a police official said.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV cameras and the face of one of the assailants became partially visible when he pulled off his helmet. In the CCTV grabs, the robbers — who had masked their faces either using handkerchiefs or helmets — are seen waiting for the duo at a particular spot.

When the two victims approached, one group apparently signalled another and created a chaotic situation lasting for a few minutes, during which they executed the plan.

The police are highly suspicious about an insider’s role.

“It seems like the robbers were tipped-off about the transactions, timings and route to be taken by the two employees,” said a senior police official, adding that a case has been registered under relevant sections of IPC.

“We have got several leads and raids are being conducted about the gang’s whereabouts,” the official added.