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2 die as the roof of under construction building collapse

2 die as the roof of under construction building collapse

Roof of an under construction building caved in at Husaini Alam leaving 2 dead and atleast 11 injured. According to sources the incident occurred at Old Kabutarkhana, Husaini Alam. According to sources Anand (26) R/O Chevella and Venkataiah (40) died in the collapse. According to sources dead and injured labours were all present on the roof top when the mishap occurred.

According to sources building of Maheshwari Vidyalaya High School was being constructed by the Maheshwari Seva Trust. The ground floor was completed and the slab for the first floor was being laid. The slab work started on Friday at around 11 pm. Around 20 workers including site engineer Shiva Kumar and centering works in-charge Anant Reddy were supervising the work. At around 1.20 am, the slab suddenly collapsed.

GHMC officials said that the building did not have a construction permission. Police has registered a case against Maheshwari Seva Trust trustee Shiva Kumar Bung, builder Ameenuddin, site engineer Shiva Kumar and centering in-charge Anant Reddy.
While the GHMC claims that the 1,767 sqyds land belongs to the government and that the trust had encroached the land and is running a school there illegally, the trust claims that the land was purchased by an NGO from the housing board in the late 60s.
The NGO donated it to the Maheshwari Seva Trust, which is running a school since 1978. The GHMC said the trust applied for permission to construct a three-floor building but since the land belonged to GHMS the application was rejected in August.
But the trust continued with the illegal construction and a case was registered against them in February. Later, when GHMC staff went to stop construction, one of the trustees Srinivas Bung and his men attacked the staff.

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