2 days to go for Hajj camp, water connection not yet restored

Hyderabad: Now that only two days have left for the Hajj Camp 2017 to begin, water tap connection has not been restored yet, despite the instructions of Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali. In the meeting held recently in connection with the Hajj arrangements Deputy Chief Minister had directed water works officials to immediately restore water connection. But 10 days after, water connection has not been restored hence Hajj House building lacks pure drinking water.

Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board Mannan Farooqui met with Managing Director Water Works Dana Kishore and his subordinates to restore water connection and settle the arrear dispute on Wednesday.

It must be noted that Water Works Department has issued notice to Waqf Board to pay Rs. 85 lakh as arrears. The bill comprises of water usage bill plus penalty imposed. Waqf Board had paid a sum of Rs. 75000 on three different occasions but the notice of Rs. 85 lakh has surprised the authorities. It is said that the monthly water bill of Hajj House was 4 to 5 thousand rupees which reached to 5 lakh on non-payment. Water Works Department had issued notice with arrears and penalty in 2013.

With the efforts of Mannan Farooqui Water Works officials have agreed to waive the penalty and it is hoped that the matter will be settled in 3 to 4 lakh rupees. They have also ensured to restore water connection within a day.

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