2 Cops arrested in shooting death of 6-year-old boy in Louisiana

Two US police officers Norris Greenhouse, 23, and Derrick Stafford, 32, have been arrested in Louisiana on charged of  murder and attempted murder over the fatal shooting of 6-year-old boy, Jeremy Mardis who was sitting in the front seat of his father’s vehicle, officials said.

Jeremy Mardis was hit by five bullets in the head and chests as the officers had tried to pull the driver over.
And allegedly tried to back down a dead-end street toward the marshals,  responded by opening fire. Jeremy’s father Chris Few is hospitalized and his condition is critical.

The death of six-year -old will add to growing criticism over perceived brutality in US police forces after several high-profile incidents over the last year.

Sate Police Col. Michael Edmonson said at a press conference late Friday. “That little boy was buckled into the front seat of that vehicle and that is how he died.” He added
“He didn’t deserve to die like that,”  saying the police badge had been “tarnished.” Citing police body-camera footage of the incident, he described it as “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.” He said it was “a complex case.”

The officials said Marskville city marshals shot at a vehicle “at the conclusion of a pursuit.” Marksville is a city of around 5,500 about 30 miles southeast of Alexandria.