2 bogies of express train derail in Bihar

Saharsa: Two bogies of Saharsa-Patna Rajya Rani Express today derailed at the railway station here, disrupting the rail traffic on Saharsa-Mansi and Saharsa-Madhepura sections for three hours.

“The Patna-bound train was arriving at the main platform from yard when two of its 19 bogies derailed due to technical problem,” Saharsa station superintendent Navinchadra Yadav said.

“The derailment caused traffic disruption for three hours on Saharsa-Mansi and Saharsa-Madhepura sections of East Central Railway (ECR),” he said.

The train later left for Patna at 9.30 AM, Yadav said.

No casualty or injury was reported as there were no occupants in the two coaches, the officer said, adding the traffic on both the sections has been restored.