19 arrested over Saudi blasts

Riyadh: Saudi Arabian authorities have confirmed the arrest of 19 individuals, including seven Saudis and 12 Pakistanis, in connection to Medina and Qatif suicide blasts earlier this week.

A suicide bomber detonated himself on Monday in a hospital parking lot in Jeddah as security personnel approached him. The bomber died instantly, and two security personnel were slightly wounded, Xinhua news agency reported.

Also on Monday, a suicide bomber caused a blast near Prophet Mohammed’s mosque in the city of Medina killing four police officials.

Meanwhile, in Qatif, an eastern city that is home to many members of the Shia minority, two explosions struck near a Shia mosque. the bomber was the only casualty in the attack.

The Saudi interior ministry said the suicide bomber of the blast in Medina was a 26-year-old Saudi man, who was arrested before in connection to drug case.

The ministry also named three individuals it said carried out attacks in Qatif.