19 arrested, over 200 Kg drugs seized this month by NCB

New Delhi: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has seized more than 200 kilograms of narcotic substances and arrested over 19 people including eight foreign nationals in the last two weeks leading up to the Independence day.

“The concerted and coordinated efforts of NCB has fructified into a total seizure of 13.25 kg Opium, 2.09 kg Cocaine, 10.105 kg Hashish, 182.6 Kg Ganja and 13.25 Kg Heroin,” read a press release by Narcotics Control Bureau.

“Further, a total of 19 drug traffickers including 11 Indian and 8 Foreigners (Suriname and Nepali National) were arrested during the first fortnight of August 2019,” the release further stated.

NCB Chandigarh unit had seized 2.7 kg Opium and 6.14 Kg Heroin from Ludhiana, Amritsar and Ferozepur in Punjab.

One Suriname national was nabbed in Mumbai with 2.09 Kg Cocaine who came from Addis Ababa via Ethiopian Airlines. Further investigation is being carried out in this regard.

Seven Nepali nationals including two women were arrested from Lucknow, according to the press release.