17-year-old sold his kidney for an iPhone, is bed-ridden for life

A 17-year-old Chinese student got himself an iPhone 4 by selling one of his kidneys around 7 years ago. A boy named Xiao Wang wanted an iPhone so bad but could not afford it. So he sold his own kidney to get an Apple’s iPhone 4.

He sold one kidney which got him enough money to afford one iPhone 4. According to a report from a Chinese daily, the kidney extraction surgery offered him $3,200.

His surgery was not successful and has now ended up placing him in bed for the rest of his life. His wounds from the surgery did not heal properly, got infected and eventually affected his other kidney too.

For the rest of his life, the 17-year-old now has to undergo dialysis. His parents found out later and are now struggling to get him treated as they are not able to afford it.

A survey from PiperJaffery reported that in 2017, 82% kids around the age of 16 years expected their next phone to be an iPhone. The desire for owning the high-end technology is not new, and surely not worth trading your body parts for.