160 designers come together to create a single handbag

Bern [Switzerland]: About 160 talented women came together to create a stunning line of Sekre’s mystery bags and turns out, too many cooks don’t spoil the broth after all. If anything, they make the broth look absolutely fabulous.

Each and every piece belonging to Sekre’s mystery bags line is created according to the ‘conjoint measurement’ method. Under this process, instead of assigning the task to an individual designer, a number of consumers are directly involved in the creation of a bag.

According to a report by Finews, the brand uses a basic design that comes close to appealing a target group. This data for this is derived from market study.

Following this, the process is subdivided into varies elements, for instance, the arrangement of compartments, the format, the handles, the material, the shape, and the decoration, is all handed over to separate people.

All the ideas and possibilities are then thoroughly discussed within a group of people who are considered potential buyers of the finish product.

In case of conflicting opinions, all aspects are carefully weighed until the majority reaches a consensus.

By incorporating all the inputs, a high-end product is created, which fully meets the consumers’expectations.