16 more swine flu cases, India’s tally now 525

New Delhi, July 31: Sixteen new cases of swine flu, including 11 children, were reported Friday, taking the total number of people infected with the virus to 525 in India, health officials said.
Acording to a health ministry statement, the new cases were reported from Pune (10), Hyderabad (2), Delhi (1), Gurgaon (1), Chandigarh (1), and Imphal (1).

“(So far) 2,361 persons have been tested, out of which 525 are positive for Influenza A (H1N1). A total of 529 out of the 2,361 persons have been identified through entry screening, 489 through contact tracing and the rest were self reported,” the ministry said.

Of the 525 positive cases, 369 have been discharged and rest of them are under treatment at designated health facilities.

Of the 10 new cases in Pune, nine were children and one is a 21-year-old man. While all the children contracted the disease from previous patients, the adult had returned from London.

Of the two new cases in Hyderabad, one is a 24-year-old man who travelled from Dubai and the second is a 16-year old boy who is a contact of a previously reported positive case. He was found to be symptomatic July 29 and was admitted to the identified health facility.

The lone case in Delhi is a boy who contracted the disease from a previously reported positive case. The case from Gurgaon is a six-year-old boy. He also is an indigenous case.

The solitary case in Chandigarh is a 17-year-old youth who got the virus from a previous patient.

The one reported from Imphal is a 19-year-old woman who travelled from Singapore to New Delhi and then went to Imphal.