Over 15 areas of city getting contaminated water

Hyderabad: Contaminated water supply has been confirmed at more than 15 places of the city. Water samples were collected from various parts of the city at the beginning of this year. After the test it was confirmed that there are more than 15 areas of the city where contaminated water is being supplied. While contaminated water is known to cause gastrointestinal problems like diarrhoea, children with low immunity become prone to air-borne diseases like pneumonia too. Contaminated water adversely affects the immune system of children, making them vulnerable to vector borne disease too.

The report released by the Institute of Preventive Medicine revealed that, there are at least 15 sites where bacteriological contamination is at a constant high. Contaminated water is being supplied at Malakpet, Sayeedabad, Chanchalguda, Santosh Nagar, Bholakpur, LB Nagar, SR Nagar, Narayanguda, Lalapet and other areas which is harmful for human health particularly children.

Water Board officials have begin precautionary measures after receiving the report. But it is said that it will take time to remove contamination from water as the problem is caused as drinking water lines and sewage lines run parallel to each other. According to Water Board official water pipelines are getting damaged and contaminants are being found due to large-scale construction going on in the city

Since the immediate solution is impossible people are advised to boil water before drinking.

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