Bengaluru: Attention diversion gang from AP arrested

Bengaluru: Five members of the Oji Kuppam gang were arrested by the South division police and 19 cases of attention diversion were solved in the city.

The accused have been identified as Ramesh, 34, Karthik alias Kanthi, 29, Praveen, 27, Raju alias Jeevan, 21, and Ankaiah, 19. The police seized Rs 5 lakh cash, three two-wheelers, a screwdriver and nails that were used to deflate the tyres of victims’ vehicles.

To divert the attention of the victims the gang used to say that there was a petrol leak from their vehicle and deflate the tyres before looting them. They kept their eyes on those withdrawing large amounts of money from the banks and alerted their gang members outside the banks.

The gang then followed the victims and loot them by diverting their attention either by spraying some itchy powder or by deflating their vehicle tyres.

According to the report published in the DC, the gang used to come to the city once in a month and stayed in lodges on the outskirts.