14,000 two-wheeler riders Driving Licence suspended on traffic rule violation in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Bengaluru is set to cancel the driving licenses (DL) of more than 14,000 two-wheeler riders for traffic violation.

In a major step to improve traffic situation in the state Traffic Police has advocated to the transport department to suspend driving licenses of as many as 14,280 people, who have violated traffic rules for three times in last 8 months.

listed the violations which include over speeding, red light jumping, driving under the influence of alocohol and drugs, cutting lanes, helmet laws will be mandatory for the main rider, using cell phones while driving, riding on pedestrian paths,
speeding away when noted down by the cops.

After Delhi, Bengaluru has the second highest two-wheeler population in the country and the large portion of traffic violations are been observed in state. Notice have been issued to such DL holders by traffic police.

The offenders are from different parts of Karnataka .The transport department started the process of suspending their DL, as per the orders.