140 cases of diarrhoea recorded in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With temperatures rising in the city, Hyderabad has witnessed a surge in diarrhoea cases and hospitals in the city are chock-a-block due to the same.

As summer is also a season of vacation, people tend to go out with their family and have junk food more. As street foods are mostly unhygienic, this leads to people suffering from a variety of symptoms under diarrhoea .

Dr. Shankar, the superintendent of Government Fever Hospital, explained the rise of diarrhoea cases in this summer.

” Diarrhoea cases are becoming more common in this summer as people are taking unfiltered water. For example, people are even fond of taking ice which is mixed in sugarcane juices and this ice is not be prepared with purified water. When they drink this, it leads to vomiting, abdomen pain and loose motions which is known as called as gastroenteritis. This month, we have witnessed 140 diarrhea cases so far. A large number of cases have been registered here (in Government Fever Hospital),” he said.

“Another reason for the rise in diarrhoea case is the unhealthy food habits. Generally, we cook the food in the morning and prefer eating it in the night, which becomes stale. This is not at all preferable and this leads to food poisoning. Many cases have been noticed in this hospital because of their unhealthy food habits. We are admitting the people with diarrhea cases in a separate ward and we are been treating them with supportive symptomatic treatment,” Dr. Shankar added.

He also cautioned children, pregnant women, old-aged people and persons who are suffering from diabetes, chronic diseases, and hypertension to take precautions.