14-year-old claims to have laid 20 eggs, how? Know the details

Indonesia: Akmal, a 14-year-old boy, has been laying eggs since 2015, as the local media reported.
According to the news reported in ibtimes, Akmal is from Gowa, Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province.

The boy has laid two eggs in front of the doctors. This incident has confused the medical experts. The boy has been laying eggs out of his bum since 2015, and till now the boy has laid 20 eggs.


After the eggs were laid, the doctors from Syech Yusuf Hospital examined the eggs and said that they are chicken eggs. They also say that the eggs were deliberately pushed into his rectum.
Muhammad Taslim, a spokesman for the hospital, said that “Our suspicion is that the eggs were deliberately shoved [into Akmal’s rectum]. But we did not see it directly.”

To confirm, the doctors kept Akmal into quarantine for a week for examination.


However, Akmal’s father said that his son has never swallowed whole egg and there is no such black magic in this incident. He said that “In two years he laid 18 eggs and 2 today, so in total there have been 20. I cracked the first egg and its content was all yellow, no white. A month later I cracked another one, and its content was all white and no yellow.”
He further added that “He never swallowed eggs whole, why would he do that? I am an imam (cleric) in my village, so there’s no voodoo. I only believe in the Lord.”

This news was reported in http://www.ibtimes.co.in/this-14-year-old-indonesian-boy-claims-have-laid-20-eggs-since-2015-father-says-no-voodoo-involved-761474