14 Oxygen Express trains supply over 1,000 tonnes LMO to Telangana

Hyderabad:With the arrival of three more Oxygen Express trains in Hyderabad on Tuesday, the Indian Railways have so far supplied over 1,000 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) to Telangana.

In a short span of 23 days, Indian Railways supplied a total of 1,194 tonnes of LMO to Telangana through 14 trains loaded with 70 tankers. These trains arrived from three states.

The medical oxygen was brought through a combination of both container tanker trains as well as Ro-Ro (Roll Off Roll On) Service, wherein trucks with tankers are transported through Railways. While, these tankers are arranged by the states, the same are transported by the Railways, South Central Railway (SCR) said on Tuesday.

These Oxygen Express trains to Telangana have started from both the Eastern and Western parts of the country originating from Odisha, Jharkhand and Gujarat. While 10 trains have come from Odisha, two trains each from Jharkhand and Gujarat.

The 13th Oxygen Express to Telangana arrived at Sanath Nagar in Hyderabad with 44 tonnes of LMO in 3 container tankers from Mundra Port in Gujarat

Earlier, the 12th Oxygen Express reached Sanathnagar with 120 tonnes of LMO in 6 Containers from Tata Nagar, Jharkhand, South Central Railway (SCR) said.

The first Oxygen Express for Telangana with five tankers loaded with 124.26 tonnes of LMO had reached Hyderabad on May 2.

To meet the Medical Oxygen requirements of the states at the fastest possible time, Railways have been operating these trains along the Green Corridors to ensure minimum transportation time. Multi-disciplinary teams have also been formed to ensure that the Oxygen trains reach at the least possible time. As a result, the average speed taken to transport these trains has been over 60 kmph.

Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR complimented the cfficers and staff of the zone for transporting more than 1000 tonnes of LMO to the state of Telangana. He said that these trains are being operated with a highest sense of urgency so as to ensure that Medical Oxygen to the States reaches in the fastest possible time frame. He advised the team to continue same level of monitoring so as to provide hassle-free and seamless operation of these trains.