14 Haj volunteers selected for Haj season 2017

Hyderabad: 14 Haj volunteers were selected on the basis of draw held yesterday. In addition to this, three Haj volunteers would be deputed from Haj Committee and Wakf Board. Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare inaugurated the draw. He released guidelines for their duties. He further informed that in case, they do not perform duties properly disciplinary action would be taken against them to recover the entire amount incurred on them.

Prof. S.A. Shukoor, Special Officer, Telangana Haj Committee informed that in all, 212 applications were received. Five applications were rejected. Out of 207 applicants, 58 were the persons who had performed Umra and 149 persons who had performed Haj pilgrimage earlier. Out of the fortunate 14 Haj volunteers, 5 are from Hyderabad, 2 from Ranga Reddy, 2 from Kareem Nagar and one each from Peddapally, Mahboob Nagar, Nirmal and Nalgonda. All the selected Haj volunteers have already performed Haj earlier. The selected persons are Ahmed Abdul Hameed (Education Dept., Peddapally), Mr. Syed Rahmat Mohiuddin Qadri (Horticulture Dept., Mahboob Nagar), Mohammed Adil Akhtar (Police Dept., Hyderabad), Mr. Mohammed Asif Shareef (Education Dept., Hyderabad), Mr. Mohammed Ghousuddin (BSNL, Hyderabad), Mr. Syed Akbar Husain (Forest Dept., Nirmal), Mohammed Tajuddin (Education Dept., Warangal), Mohammed Ghouse Mohiuddin (Education Dept., Nalgonda), Mr. Mohammed Shakeel Husain (Secretariat, Hyderabad), Mr. Mohammed Ayub Khan (Secretariat, RR District), Mr. Mohammed Abdul Kareem (Commissionerate, Education RR District), Mr. Iqbal Ahmed (Health Dept., Kareem Nagar), Mr. Mohammed Ali (Health Dept., Hyderabad). Mr. Mohammed Mujeebur Rahman (Education Dept., Warangal).

Mr. Omer Jaleel congratulated the selected candidates and advised them to offer their services to please Allah (SWT).

–Siasat News