14 closed roads in Secunderabad Cantonment to be opened

Hyderabad: The Union ministry of defence (MoD) has directed the re-opening of all closed roads in 62 Cantonments, across the country immediately. According to which, 14 roads closed under Secunderabad Cantonment will have to be reopened, said a TOI report.

The decision comes in the backdrop of a meeting held between defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman, MPs and vice-presidents of 62 Cantonment Boards on May 4.

An official statement on Sunday said, “All closed roads in the cantonments will be reopened immediately.” The resident welfare association, as well as political leaders, welcomed the decision. While army officials said they would go through the order on Monday and proceed accordingly.

The Local Military Authority (LMA) in Secunderabad had closed many roads that are used by citizens and imposed restrictions on the public movement.