Why didn’t Netanyahu meet opposition in India?

New Delhi: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to India for a 6-day visit. But during his long visit, he didn’t meet opposition. In a democracy, the opposition should be respected. It has been learnt that the whole programme of the visit was prepared by the foreign ministry. It seems that Netanyahu didn’t feel it necessary to meet the opposition.

CPI national secretary and spokesman Atul Kumar Anjaan said if Israeli Prime Minister favours the democracy, he should have also met opposition parties. He said Netanyahu met film stars but ignored the opposition. If Netanyahu had objection meeting communist parties he could have at least met Congress party leaders.

Making a sharp remark Mr Anjaan said Netanyahu came to India and sold his products to it, he had nothing to do with democracy. He further claimed that mutual ideology of Modi and Yahu is working.

The CPI leader strongly objected Netanyahu’s intervention in India’s internal policy for showing India how to maintain relations with neighbours. Mr Anjaan said can Netanyahu tell how his relations are with Palestine? Who attacks innocent oppressed Palestinians? Who drops bombs on them? Who kills them?

The CPI leader said though the government has given warm welcome to Israeli Prime Minister, but Indians looked upon him as a killer and staged protests against him at several places.