13-year-old girl leaves home after quarrel with mother

New Delhi: A 13-year-old girl who left her house in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar after a quarrel with her mother to meet a boy with whom she had fallen in love, was found by police after a night of frantic search.

Last evening the girl left her house after a quarrel with her mother, telling her that she is going to a nearby market but didn’t return for a long time, police said today.

Her parents then reported the matter to police who began tracking her location through her mobile phone. She was found to be moving to different locations in South Delhi which left the police perplexed, said a senior police officer.

She wasn’t picking up calls and reverting to messages which was worrying the cops. The one time she picked up the call of a police officer, she said that she didn’t know where she was and thereafter her phone was switched off making things difficult for the cops, he added.

Around 1 AM, police began searching her notebooks and bag and found ‘Sumit, I love you’ scribbled in one of her notebooks. They questioned her parents but they said that they didn’t know anyone by that name.

In one of her phone books, they found the number of Sumit and tried to reach him but he didn’t pick up their phone. In the morning, police managed to find Sumit.

He told the cops that the girl, a class VIII student had become infatuated with him. She had met him at a garment shop where he was working as a salesman and fallen for him but he kept rejecting her advances.

He told cops that he met her last evening near a Saket mall along with his girlfriend after she had called him.

“He said that he and his girlfriend had counselled her and even dropped her near her home in Malviya Nagar. He said that the girl had said that she would go to her relatives’ place during the conversation,” the officer said.

It was found that the girl had gone to her mother’s sister’s home in Taimoor Nagar this morning.

“When the girl was questioned, she revealed that she had spent the night at a church in Pushp Vihar where her parents frequently took her for prayer.

She spent the morning jogging around with some morning walkers and then she went to her relatives place and was sleeping there when we found her,” he said.

She had switched off her mobile phone to throw the cops off track.