13 Pakistani Islamic preachers arrested in Ghana

Accra: At least 13 people who claimed to be Islamic missionaries from Pakistan were arrested while preaching in Ghana’s Assin Foso district.

All 13, who claimed to be Ahmadiya missionaries and said they arrived in the country about six months ago, were being investigated, Assin Foso Police Commander Samuel Lawson said.

The Ahmadiya Mission in Ghana has denied any knowledge of the 13 people.

“We have no such people living in the country,” mission general secretary Ahmed Anderson said, adding that the police should have contacted the mission after the arrests were made.

“The mission has some Pakistanis in the country, but we do not have any record of these people being among those we have invited. They are not Ahmadiyas at all,” Anderson said.

“We flatly deny any knowledge of these missionaries in Ghana.”

The police have sent them to Ghana Immigration Service to check their identities and arrival dates in the country.