Home Ministry: 13,796 civilians killed since Military was introduced in Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi: According to an annual report submitted by the Union Home Ministry as many as 13,796 civilian lives and 5,123 security force personnel’s lives were lost after militancy was introduced in the 1990s in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, the highest fatal casualties reported are in the year 2017 with a 167% rise in cases as compared to 2016, TOI.

The annual report for the year 2017-2018 which was submitted on Wednesday, read: “An overall 20% reduction in violent incidents (1,136 yo 908) and 33.8% reduction (397 to 263) in Left-wing extremism-related deaths in 2017 as compared to 2013 has been reported. In comparison to 2016, the year 2017 saw a decline of 13.4% in incidents of violence and 5.4% in resultant deaths.”

The terrorist infiltration, though, in the region rose up to 406 attempts and more out of which 213 terrorists were successful in entering the nation since the NDA government came into power.
Highest terrorist infiltration figure recorded in the past five years while previously 371 terrorist infiltration attempts of which nearly 200 cases were successful.

Going by the statistics submitted by the Home Ministry, violence due to insurgency-related incidents dipped a little.

In 2017, 37 civilians, 12 security personnel and 57 extremists were reported killed in the 308 incidents were recorded. While in 2016, 48 civilians, 17 security personnel and 87 extremists were killed in the 484 incidents recorded.