12000 property records disappeared from Telangana

Hyderabad: During the process of digitalization of revenue records, it was found that more than 11000 property records are missing in Revenue Department. In districts of Telangana, no documents were found in respect of 11,990 properties. In Ranga Reddy district, there are nearly 4000 properties for which no records are available in Revenue Department. State Govt. has issued instructions to revenue hospitals to accelerate the collection of lost documents of properties. They should also investigate how this documents were lost. It is a big question mark on the functioning of the Department of Revenue. If these documents are not found, it may not be possible for the revenue authorities to issue ownership certificates to the persons. It will also create problems for issuing encumbrance certificates. The lost documents pertain to 110 properties of Hyderabad. In Ranga Reddy districts there are 3, 995 properties about which documents are not traceable with the Department of Revenue.

The revenue officials say that notices are being issued to property owners to furnish their records.

–Siasat News