12% reservations face difficulties as Center seeks clarification from TS

Hyderabad: After Govt. of India sent back reservation bill for Muslims and STs, the difficulties of Govt. of Telangana have increased.

It is reported that Govt. of India sought some clarifications from the State Govt. It is learnt from reliable sources that Govt. of India is in favour of giving reservation for STs whereas increasing reservation for Muslims from 4 to 12 percent seems to be in the doldrums.

It may be mentioned that Govt. of TS had consulted legal experts before presenting the bill in Assembly. On the basis of the opinions given by experts, a decision was taken to present a single bill both for the Muslims and STs so that Center could give its nod at one stretch.

Govt. of TS is planning to pass two separate bills in the next the session of State Assembly. In such a case, it is doubtful whether Muslims will get reservations.

It is a test for Mr. KCR how much pressure he will exert on the Central Govt. to fulfill his promise to enhance reservations for Muslims.

Govt. is of the opinion that as per the provisions of the constitution there is no hurdle in raising reservations for STs whereas in the case of Muslims, the case might get weakened on the pretext that there is no provision for giving reservations on the basis of religion.

Now, the question is after passing two separate bills in State Assembly what would be the stand of Central Govt. If Center rejects the proposal for giving reservations to Muslims, will Mr. KCR approach Supreme Court?

–Siasat News