12% reservation for Muslims: Seriousness of Govt. – A big question

Hyderabad: Although Sudheer Commission of Enquiry intends to submits its report to the Govt. within the stipulated time but it is facing a lot of difficulties in getting the details from Govt. Departments.

It may be noted that Sudheer Commission of Enquiry had sought information from the Govt. Departments about the representation of Minorities but only 30% departments have furnished the information and most of it incomplete. Repeated reminders of the commission did not work. It seems that Govt. officials are not furnishing the required information as they are against Muslim reservation. So long as Govt. Departments do not furnish complete details about the representation of Muslims in Govt. jobs, the commission cannot finalize its report.

Sudheer Commission has started a survey on its own and for this work a non Government Organization has been engaged. The survey consists of a ten page questionnaire which has to be filled in by the public. This survey is in the last stages. Govt. has extended the tenure of the commission till September 2016. Mr. Sudheer wants to submit the report before September. He is not in favour of any more extension for the commission.

The sources close to commission indicated that Mr. KCR during his meeting with the commission officials had shown his seriousness and said that Govt. would provide 12% reservation to Muslims as promised.

The commission is of the opinion that injustice has been done to Muslims in every field of life. Although, the commission is interested in submitting its report but the Govt. does not seems to be active in this regard as soon after the receipt of commission’s report, it has to constitute BCs Commission.

If the Govt. is serious about this issue, it should issue instructions through Principal Secretaries to the Heads of Departments to furnish the required information to the commission as early as possible.

–Siasat News