12% reservation for Muslims – Representations to MLAs

Hyderabad: 12% reservation for Muslims campaign is adopting a new strategy to intensify it after the releases of recruitment notifications, the Muslims are worried about losing many jobs if 12% reservation for Muslims are not provided. Now that Telangana Transco, Telangana Genco and other departments have notified to fill up 1226 positions of Engineers. If 12% reservations are provided to Muslims, they can get 147 posts but if the present 4% reservation is implemented, the community will get only 47 posts. In this manner, the Muslims will be deprived of 100 positions.

Taking into consideration the present situation, Siasat Urdu Daily has decided to offer guidance and training facilities to unemployed Muslim youths. The Muslims have now decided to intensify the campaign. They are making representations to MLAs. They have also taken a decisions to associate influential people with this movement.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily is the torch bearer of this campaign. He will tour Mahboob Nagar and Kareem Nagar districts this week. There is a proposal to include such of the Muslims from each Mandal who command influence in their areas. Due to the importance of recommendation of BCs Commission, awareness programs would be organized in districts.

There are reports from the district that now the Muslims are adopting strategies taking a cue from the American Public Policy.

It may be noted that during the present visit of PM of India, the people of America had sent detergent soaps to American CEOs to wash their hands after shaking hands with Indian Prime Minister as a token of dissent. They posted these news items on facebook wherein soaps were sent.

Now the people have decided to adopt a new strategy to remind the CM to fulfill its election promise.

Social Welfare and Development of India organization led a delegation under the stewardship of Siasat Urdu Daily and submitted a memorandum to Tehsildar, Saidabad. The delegation included Maulana Ghulam Samdani Ali Qadri, Mr. Hayat Husain Habeeb, Aslam Abdur Rahman and others. In Warangal, Green Star Youth Organization presented a memorandum to Ms. K. Kavitha, MP of Nizamabad and demanded her to use her good offices for the implementation of 12% reservations to Muslims. Ms. Kavitha promised the delegation that she would apprise of this movement to her father, Mr. KCR. She also assured the Muslims that he would abide by the promise he made to the Muslims. She further told that Mr. KCR is serious about the development and welfare of the Muslims. The All Party Delegation including MIM leaders, presented a memorandum to Mr. Narayan Rao, RDO of Narayanpet in Mahboob Nagar District and demanded to ensure 12% reservation for Muslims. Present on this occasion were Mr. Ameeruddin, Advocate, Mr. Abdus Saleem, Advocate and others. Another delegation led by Mr. Mohammed Amjad Khan and others presented a memorandum to Mr. J. Krishna Rao, TRS Minister in Kalwakurti and demanded implementation of 12% reservation for Muslims. A delegation led by Mr. Ayub Ali Khan, Mr. Mohammed Ali Khan and others met Mr. Sudheer, Chairman of Enquiry Commission on his visit to Mahboob Nagar and presented a memorandum to him. A delegation of Maulana Azad Welfare Society of Koratla led by Mr. Mohammed Abdus Saleem Farooqui, Correspondent of Siasat Urdu Daily met the Tehsildar and presented a memorandum to him. In Utkoor, a delegation led by Mr. Mohammed Kazim Husain, President of Movement for Peace and Justice met Mr. Sudheer and presented a memorandum to him. The delegation impressed upon the chairman of Enquiry Commission that only a recommendation from BCs Commission would ensure 12% reservation to Muslims. They also demanded to stop the release of recruitment notification of various departments till 12% reservation for Muslims is not finalized.

–Siasat News