12% reservation for Muslims would provide 17000 jobs – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: For the development of Muslims reservations are inevitable. These can be obtained only through struggle. Govt. of Telangana has notified several vacancies in various departments. As promised, if TRS Govt. provides 12% reservation for Muslims, they can get nearly 17000 jobs. Not only this, every year, Muslim students will get 25000 seats in Medical, Engineering and other professional courses. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily in a public meeting held at Siddipet yesterday. He told that the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily has now been transformed into a public movement. All the Muslims should get united and make an attempt to get this objective. He reviewed the present scenario of the country and said that Muslims don’t have to produce the certificate of patriotism before anyone.

Mr. Mohammed Farooq Husain, making a reference to “Intolerance” in the country told that Muslims are being asked the question of patriotism. They are being harassed by telling them to go to Pakistan.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan replied that the Muslims have decided to live in India. Those who wanted to go to Pakistan left India. We have equal rights in this country. It is therefore not obligatory on our part to produce the certificate of patriotism either to Mr. Narendra Modi or Mr. Amit Shah. He quoted the Urdu couplet:

Sultan jayengay na Sardar jayengay
Jannat mein to Saheb-e-Iman jayengay.

He further told that the Muslims should concentrate on the eradication of their economic and social backwardness. They should be united on the basis of unity of Allah (SWT). They should struggle for the restoration of their rights. They should establish educational institutions for the eradication of educational and economic backwardness. He demanded the Govt. to setup Industrial Parks for providing Govt. jobs to Muslims only then the economic backwardness of the Muslims could be removed.

He mention that CM of Telangana, Mr. KCR has announced that he would provide 12% reservation for Muslims by suggesting an amendment in the IX Schedule of Constitution of India but Muslims have no faith in his statement because BJP Govt. at the Center and PM, Mr. Modi are against it. If Mr. KCR is serious about providing 12% reservation for Muslims, he should constitute BCs Commission which is alone authorized to suggest reservations. He told that CM belongs to Siddipet. All the people of the State have an eye on Siddipet. It is therefore imperative on the part of the Muslims of Siddipet to exhibit their unity and remind the CM to fulfill his promise. He also said that a delegation of the Muslims of Siddipet would present a memorandum to Mr. KCR to ensure 12% reservations for Muslim.

Mr. Farooq Husain said that the welfare activities of Siasat Urdu Daily are laudable. It is the only newspaper which has continued its struggle for the cause of Muslims. He mentioned that Mr. Amer Ali Khan is neither against TRS nor Congress. The Govt. should therefore constitute BCs Commission to fulfill its election promise.

Mr. Mohammed Ghouse Mohiuddin, in his presidential address told that the CM should fulfill his election promise. He also said that the Muslims of Siddipet have full faith in KCR’s promise. Chairman of Hajj Committee of Siddipet, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Aleem Sarwar told that this public meeting has been organized to remind the CM to fulfill his election promise. Mufti Abdus Salam, President of Jamiatul Ulema of Siddipet told that his organization is favour of reservation for Muslims. President of District Congress Minorities Cell, Mr. Waheed Khan told that Telangana Movement was started from Siddipet and now campaign for 12% reservations for Muslims has also been launched from Siddipet.

–Siasat News