12% reservation for Muslims possible, pressure on Govt. essential – Yechuri

Hyderabad: Imparting justice to the backward communities is a democratic process for which the state governments have to take serious steps. Govt. of West Bengal had taken a historic decision for providing 12% reservations to Muslims implementing the recommendations of Justice Ranganatha Mishra Commission which still continues.

CPI General Secretary, Mr. Sitaram Yechuri was addressing a state level convention organized by Telangana Unit of CPI (M) at Prakasham Hall, Gandhi Bhavan, Nampally yesterday. The state convention demanded the Govt. to provide 12% reservation to Muslims and a sub-plan for Minorities.

Justice Chandra Kumar, Mr. Veerabhadram, Secretary of CPI (M), Telangana Unit, Mr. Osman Shaheed, Mr. J.D. Narasimha Rao, Mr. Sitaramaiah, Mr. Goverdhan Reddy (CPI-ML), Mr. Abdus Sattar Chand, Prof. Ansari, Maulana Hamid Husain Shuttari, Maulana Syed Tariq Qadri, Mr. Ismail-ur-Rab Ansari and others while addressing the convention demanded the Govt. of Telangana to fulfill its election promise of providing 12% reservation to Muslims.

Continuing his speech, Mr. Yechuri told that Justice Ranganathan Mishra Commission, in its report clearly recommended that OBCs should be removed from the status of backwardness by conducting a survey. He further told that reservation is the only way to resolve the issues of educational, economic and social backwardness of the depressed classes. He mentioned that the election promise which Mr. KCR made for providing 12% reservation to Muslims should be fulfilled so that justice could be done to Muslim society on a par with West Bengal. Mr. Yechuri also mentioned that West Bengal is the first state of the country which provided 12% reservation to Muslims acting upon the recommendations made by Justice Ranganatha Mishra Commission. He also stated that the Govt. of West Bengal had approached Planning Commission for allocating a sub-plan for Minorities but it was not sanctioned. Despite this, the Govt. of West Bengal led by CPI (M) did not hesitate to provide reservations to Muslims.

Modi Govt. has abandoned Planning Commission where welfare plans for uplift of Minorities used to be formulated. Mr. Yechuri criticized Govt. of Telangana that it failed to fulfill its election promise. He further told that in democracy, there is a provision in the constitution for the citizens to demand their rights. If these rights are not given, they have every right to snatch them. Mr. Yechuri pointed out that opposition parties can fight against the ruling party for the public issues on the floors of legislatures but it is essential for them to be united outside the portals of legislatures to get the rights of the citizens. He termed the present Central Govt. as deaf and dumb. It is not listening to the issues pertaining to Minorities. He demanded the Muslims of Telangana State to find out ways and means to communicate their voice to the deaf and dumb government. He assured that the leftist parties will always support any movement which is launched for seeking justice to the weaker sections. He told that providing 12% reservation to Muslims is possible but it is essential to formulate a strategy to exert pressure on the Govt. he advised the Muslims to continue their struggle till the reservations are declared formally. Mr. Yechuri also condemned the increase communalism at national level. So long as leftist parties exist in India, they would continue to raise their voice against communalism.

–Siasat News