12% reservation for Muslims poses a great challenge for TRS in Warangal election

Hyderabad: The promise made by TRS to provide 12% reservation for Muslims has become a stumbling block for TRS in Warangal elections. TRS is making an attempt to muster the support of the Muslims at any cost for the success of the party in Warangal elections but it has to make its stand clear on this issue. It is reported that at every place TRS Ministers and leaders are being reminded of this promise. They are not in a position to give a clear response on this issue.


The campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily to remind TRS about its election promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims is showing its impact in Warangal elections due to which TRS leaders are anxious. It is worrying them that how can TRS win this election without the support of the Muslims. The party leadership did not estimate that this issue would chase it in Warangal elections. Party is facing the tough test in this regard. Minorities have decided to test TRS on this issue. Programs to create awareness for demanding 12% reservations for Muslims have perturbed TRS circles. TRS leaders are making an attempt to ensure the Muslims that the party would fulfill its election promise at any cost.


TRS leaders at Telangana Bhavan who are reviewing election campaign in Warangal say that after the farmers’ displeasure, 12% reservation for Muslims is the largest issue which is posing a threat to the party. TRS Ministers campaigning for their party candidate are facing these questions everywhere.


Reliable sources indicated that CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR is also in a state of confusion. He is engaged in formulating the strategy to muster the support of Muslims.


Interesting thing is the strong opponent of TRS, Congress Party of India has made the issue of 12% reservation for Muslims an important point to get the support of Muslims. It is estimated that there are more than 2 lakh Muslim voters in Warangal Parliamentary Constituency. Congress is exposing the failure of fulfilling TRS election promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims and farmers’ issues in rural areas.


Reliable sources indicated that in urban areas of Warangal two statements made by Mr. KCR are making rounds on Social media. The first one pertains to his promise that he would provide 12% reservation for Muslims within four months of assuming charge and the second one is about his refusal to fix the time for the implementation of this promise. By presenting these two video clippings of KCR, Congress is making an attempt to muster the support of Muslims. These video clippings have created panic  among TRS political circles.



It is understood that Mr. KCR has made his son, Mr. KTR and his nephew T. Harish Rao responsible for election campaign in Warangal. They would camp in Warangal till the end of the election campaign. Instructions have already been issued by KCR to all the Ministers, MPs and MLAs to be in contact with these two leaders.


Surprisingly the only Muslim representative in the cabinet, Dy. CM, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali has not been invited this time for campaigning in Warangal. This has created confusion among the Minorities leaders of TRS in Warangal. It is reported that Mr. KCR has not yet finalized his election campaign in Warangal. He intends to visit Warangal on 17th or 18th November for campaigning TRS candidate. Seeing the present situation, he has not yet finalized his Warangal tour. TRS Party sources indicated that if the election campaign is in favour of TRS till 16th November, Mr. KCR will not participate in Warangal. If the intelligence report depicts that the situation is not in favour of TRS, then KCR might visit Warangal on the last two days of election campaign in order to muster support for his party candidate. The issue of 12% reservation for Muslims has perturbed the mind of CM. Minority leaders of Warangal districts belonging to TRS are also not in a position to give a clear assurance about this issue. Jamiatul Ulema which is openly campaigning in favour of 12% reservation for Muslims seems to be divided in two groups. Some of its leaders were found to be supporting TRS whereas the others are not in a position to express their stand on 12% reservation for Muslims.


–Siasat News