12% reservation for Muslims – Muslims should exert pressure during Warangal MP Election

Hyderabad: The issue pertaining to 12% reservation for Muslims might emerge as an important factor in the MP election of Warangal Constituency. Mr. KCR is engaged in consulting the ministers who are campaigning for TRS candidate in Warangal. He is worried about how to tackle this issue in order to muster the support of the Muslims.

It may be noted that TRS had made a promise that after assuming power it will provide 12% reservation for Muslims within 4 months. This issue has become a testing point for TRS. Govt. is anxious as to what stand it should take in this context. It is reported that the Ministers who are visiting various areas in Warangal for campaigning in favour of TRS candidate are being reminded of this promise. TRS has an apprehension that if no positive stand is taken to fulfill this demand by TRS, its direct benefit would go to Congress party. It may be noted that national leaders of Congress had decided to make 12% reservation for Muslims an issue in the Parliamentary election of Warangal constituency.

Sources close to CM have indicated that TRS Ministers and leaders have requested the CM to explain a stand taken by TRS about 12% reservation for Muslims so that the Muslim electorate could be satisfied. CM has told the Ministers and the leaders of TRS to make an attempt to muster the support of the Muslims at any cost. The promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims should be reiterated. A reference would be made about the statement made by the CM in Assembly that a resolution would be passed in Telangana Assembly after the submission of the report of enquiry of Sudheer Commission.

KCR who is also taking part in election campaign of Warangal would reiterate his promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims.

In many areas of Warangal Parliamentary Constituency people are making enquiries about the TRS promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims. TRS is anxious about this issue. It has been decided that an assurance would be given to Muslims to take serious actions in order to fulfill its promise. During the 18 months of its tenure of office, this is the first test for TRS Govt.

It may be noted that minorities form a sizeable portion of population in this constituency without whose support, it is difficult for TRS candidate to win the election. In the context of increasing opposition by weaker sections and the students against TRS, Muslim votes have become the deciding factors. If Muslim voters exert their pressure on TRS to fulfill its election promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims, it is certain that Govt. would be forced to take concert steps in this regard.

–Siasat News