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12% reservation for Muslims: Hypocrisy of Muslim representatives exposed

12% reservation for Muslims: Hypocrisy of Muslim representatives exposed

Hyderabad: There is no one else who is coming in the way of the issue pertaining to 2% reservation for Muslims, it is only Muslim representatives who have lip service. When the occasion comes for expressing their views, they remain lip tight, their tongues become dumb.

CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR reiterated his promise more than once in State Assembly and Council to provide reservations to Muslims. When the house committee of TS Assembly met yesterday, Muslim representative did not have the courage to submit their recommendation to the Govt.

The main objective of the house committee of Assembly is to submit recommendations to the Govt. for the implementation of the welfare schemes meant for Minorities. Its responsibility does not end with reviewing the implementation of welfare schemes but it should also submit a separate report highlighting the causes for the backwardness of Muslims. With the formation of House Committee of Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Muslims were hopeful that this committee would pass a resolution unanimously to support 12% reservations but with their criminal silence, Muslim representatives have disappointed the committee. Muslims have no other issue greater than 12% reservation. It is very regrettable that when the Muslim representatives meet the people, they remember the issue of reservations for Muslims but when the time comes to make a representation they fall prey to various apprehensions and tensions.

It is very surprising that in the House Committee, there is not a single member who is oppose to Muslim reservations but no one took initiative to raise this issue in yesterday’s meeting.

It is reported that at the beginning of the meeting, TRS MLC, Mr. Mohammed Saleem made an attempt to get this issue included in the discussions but no other member supported him. It is also reported that the floor leader of the local political party had prohibited the other members of his party to avoid raising this issue. When Mr. Mohammed Saleem raised this issue the floor leader was not present in the meeting. Despite this the other members were so tense that none of them supported Mr. Saleem. The issue of providing 12% reservation to Muslims was shelved under the pretext that still there is three months time for Sudheer Commission of Enquiry to submit its report. It could be discussed later.

The question is who is controlling the Muslim MLAs of TRS? Are they bound to follow the agenda of the Govt. are they functioning at the instance of the local political party? If they are interested in the implementation of the agenda of the other party, then should quit TRS party and join the party of their choice. Being in TRS and functioning at the instance of other party is presumed as a revolt against their own party which amounts to cheating it.

It is said that the floor leader of the local political party prevented the Muslim members from raising the issue of 12% reservation for Muslims saying that it is the agenda of Siasat Urdu Daily. They also said that they don’t want to have any conflict with the Govt. on the issue of Muslim reservations. The Muslim members of the committee who are functioning at the instance of the floor leader of the local party perhaps do not know that in fact the issue of Muslims reservations is the agenda of TRS and KCR which was included in the promises made by the party before elections. The campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily is only to remind TRS to fulfill its election promise. This campaign is in the interest of the Muslim. The attitude of the local political party to avoid any conflict with the Govt. on this issue exposed its views. It seems that by avoiding this issue the local political party wants to stop the Govt. from giving reservations to Muslims. In this way it is cooperating with the Govt. for not providing reservations to Muslims.

It may be mentioned that it is the same party which has opposed 4% reservations given by the Congress Govt. led by Dr. YSR. Its video recording is still available with the public. Although, Mr. Mohammed Saleem made an attempt to raise this issue in the meeting, he should have presented a resolution in the committee and should have mustered support in favour of it. He also advocated for the constitution of BCs Commission but it is reported that the discussions of the House Committee were confined to the agenda only.

The Chairman of House Committee, Mr. Amer Shakeel told that the committee did not pass any resolution. Present in the meeting were in addition to Mr. Amer Shakeel, the other members were Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Mr. Farooq Husain, Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi, Mr. Altaf Rizvi, Mr. Stephen and Mr. Vinay Bhasker.

–Siasat News