12% reservation for Muslims: Govt. ready to pass resolution in Assembly – Mahmood Ali

Hyderabad: Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali told that Govt. is prepared to pass a resolution in Telangana Assembly for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. It is ready to fulfill its election promise. It is making an attempt to determine the legal action for the implementation of this issue. It is also consulting constitutional experts so that no obstacle is created in this regard.

Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali was talking to media persons in a program “Meet the Journalists” organized by Telangana Union of Working Journalists. Mr. Mahmood Ali further told that Govt. is prepared to pass a resolution in Telangana Assembly in favour of granting 12% reservations for Muslims. He also told that the central Govt. led by BJP is not in favour of minorities, especially Muslims. In such a situation, TRS Govt. does not want to make a decision in haste which will enable the Central Govt. to discard it. In the context of present day political situation prevailing in the country, TRS Govt. is making an attempt to convince the Central Govt. for the enhancement of reservations for Muslims. As a initial step, TRS Govt. constituted Sudheer Committee of enquiry which is reviewing the social, educational and economic status of the Muslims. As soon as its report is received, Govt. would take the step to constitute BCs Commission. Mr. KCR is serious about providing 12% reservations to Muslims and he would ensure the implementation of election promise.

Mr. Mahmood Ali further told that for providing 12% reservation for Muslims, a comprehensive survey report is essential since without any survey report, court will not be convinced. Mr. Mahmood further told that Mr. KCR is the name of a secular leadership. His objective is to make this State “Golden Telangana”. He wants to include people of all the sections in the process of Development.

Responding to the question of illegal possessions of Wakf properties, Mr. Mahmood Ali told that after TRS assumed power, not a single inch of Wakf land was usurped by the miscreants. Responding to restoration of Wakf property sold out to Lanco Hills, Mr. Mahmood Ali told that this property was sold during the reign of Andhra rulers. Govt. of Telangana is formulating appropriate strategy to restore this valuable property. On the question of killings of 5 innocent under trial Muslim prisoners in the name of encounter at Alair, Mr. Mahmood Ali told that TRS Govt. will not tolerate any kind of Barbarism. TRS party has a unique style of functioning which imparts justice. He made a reference to the SIT Committee formed at the instance of the CM. After receiving its report, appropriate action would be taken against the culprits. When asked about Warangal Parliamentary election, Mr. Mahmood Ali told that TRS is deep-seated in the hearts of the people of Telangana and the state has progressed tremendously under the stewardship of Mr. KCR which is exemplary. In view of this, it is certain that TRS candidate in Warangal would win the seat by a majority of more than 2 lakh votes. Mr. Mahmood Ali also assured that property tax in respect of the houses measuring less than 100 sq. yards would continue to the exempted by GHMC. Mr. Mahmood Ali told that media is very important for social and political life. It criticizes the Govt. with an intention to make the functioning of the State better.

–Siasat News