12% reservation essential for the prosperity of 50 thousand Muslim families

Hyderabad: Many a time, rights have to be snatched when they are not given. This seems to be appropriate by seeing the changing democratic values of the country. In order to force the Govt. to get the rights, people have to resort to agitation. Gone is the time when the rulers used to take cognizance of the needs and issues of the public. They used to resolve the issues before demanding. Now, it has become part of democracy to launch a campaign and protest in a democratic way.

During the recent time in various parts of the country, people forced the Governments to accept their demands when powerful agitations and protests were organized. In this context the precedents of Gujarat and Haryana are before us where the people from higher castes forced the Govt. to provide reservations. In the integrated A.P. State, every injustice meted out to the Muslims was neglected. They were kept away from jobs and employment in an organized way. It is the result of 60 years injustices that the percentage of Muslims in Govt. jobs is very negligible. Governments have always made lofty promises. If the causes of the backwardness of the Muslims are reviewed, it would be known that in addition to governments, the representatives of the Muslims and political leaders are also responsible for this. The so-called leaders always preferred their selfish interest on the community welfare. As a result of it, Muslims became backward in every field.

After the formation of separate Telangana State, the way Mr. KCR promised for providing 12% reservation for Muslims, there was a hope that the Govt. is serious in eradicating the backwardness of the Muslims. During the past two years, not a single step was taken for the development of Muslims. The announcements of 12% reservation for Muslims have become a toy with which Muslims are being lured. TRS had promised that within four months of assuming charge, Muslims would be provided 12% reservation but by constituting Sudheer Commission of Enquiry, the issue was prolonged. If Mr. KCR presumes that the Muslims would be their vote banks always, it is his false hope. Although, the Muslims are in minority but they enjoy the status of a kingmaker. Whomsoever they want they can take them to the citadels of power.

The campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily for creating awareness to exert pressure on the Govt. for getting 12% reservation for Muslims is showing its effects in all the districts of Telangana. People are submitting memoranda and representations to Govt. officials. Now, there is a need to change the program of action in a democratic way. If the Muslims keep quiet at this juncture, it may not be possible for them to get reservations in the future.

If 12% reservations are implemented, the Muslims would get more than 25000 posts in Govt. jobs. It may be mentioned that Mr. KCR has declared that more than 1 lakh vacancies would be filled up in the next two years. In the same manner, Muslim students can get more than 20, 000 seats in professional courses like Medicine, Engineering, Management, Pharmacy etc. In this manner more than 50, 000 Muslim families would become prosperous and they would get adequate representation in Education and Jobs.

According to the survey conducted by Sudheer Commission of Enquiry, the representation of Muslims in Govt. jobs of Gazetted levels and upper posts is zero whereas in the lower categories, the representation of Muslims is nearly 2%. If the Muslims do not get awakened now, darkness would become their fate instead of prosperity.

There is a need for the Muslims to get ready and get united for raising their voice to get their rights. There is also a need for the Muslim representative and political leaders to associate themselves with this campaign.

–Siasat News