12% reservation essential for bright future of Muslim youths – Legal experts

Hyderabad: Every political party admits that the Muslims are backward in economic and educational field. The Central Govt. and State Governments constituted many committees and commissions, the reports of which have been shelved in cold storage. The backwardness of the Muslims cannot be eradicated by offering few welfare schemes. The future of the Muslim youths could be made brighter only when 12% reservation is provided to them. It is a fact that the Muslims are backward in every field. The opponents of reservations also realize this. The Governments admit this fact when they are in the last leg of their tenure. Before the end of the five year period, Governments make lofty promises but very few promises are translated in to action.

Experts in the field of education and constitution have realized that during the past six decades, every Govt. neglected the development of Muslims. The then CM of integrated A.P. Mr. K. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy had initiated the process of providing reservations to Muslims but with the change of Congress Govt., this issue was shelved in dust bin. After TDP assumed power, it did not make any attempt to provide reservations to Muslims. People also did not exert any pressure on the Govt.

After the bifurcation of A.P., Telangana State was formed. While campaigning in the General Elections of 2014, TRS in its election manifesto promised to provide 12% reservation to Muslims. Mr. KCR is claiming that he sticks to his promise even now.

The campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily has now become the public movement in all the 10 districts of Telangana. People belonging to various fields of life, political, social and religious leaders also made representations right from MRO to Collectors.

Legal experts are of the opinion that only reservations can bring prosperity in the lives of the Muslims. They can eradicate unemployment among the Muslim youths which would present prevent them from indulging in various other activities. Due to the non-availability of reservations, Muslim youths are deprived of higher education. It has been observed that when the Muslim youth fail to get higher education, instead of competing with others, they indulge in anti-social activities.

According to a survey conducted in Telangana, if TRS provides 12% reservation to Muslims, more than 50,000 candidates would benefit from it. TRS Govt. announced to recruit candidates against 1 lakh vacant posts. Some of the Departments have already issued recruitment notifications. It is the duty of the Govt. to ensure that 4% reservation is strictly implemented in all these Departments. Before recruiting the candidates, Govt. should also take steps to implement 12% reservations.

The method which TRS Govt. has adopted for exploring the possibilities of providing reservations to Muslims by constituting Sudheer Commission of Enquiry is not suitable.

According to the legal experts, only BCs Commission is authorized to suggest reservations. TRS Govt. could consult the Govt. of Tamil Nadu which has been successful in implementing reservation beyond 50% limit.

–Siasat News