12% reservation campaign – Protest Dharna at Indira Park

Hyderabad: Telangana Muslim Joint Action Committee organized a protest meeting at Indira Park yesterday to highlight 12% reservation campaign for Muslims launched by Siasat Urdu Daily.


Addressing the protest meeting, Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that 12% reservation is the right of the Muslims. If the Govt. of Telangana considers this campaign as anti-government, it is not appropriate. He reiterated that this campaign is neither opposing any party nor supporting anyone. 12% reservation is the legitimate constitutional rights of the Muslims. Hence this campaign is being organized for the welfare of the Muslims. Since Mr. KCR had promised to provide 12% reservation to Muslims during his election speeches, he is being reminded of his promise. The objective of this movement is to pressurize the Govt. to fulfill its promise by getting the proper recommendation from BCs Commission so that there could be no legal hurdles.


He further told that there are financial impediments for the Muslim students for getting higher education. All those Muslim youths who are educated are not getting jobs. Govt. has promised to fill up 1.7 lakh vacancies. An advertisement has been released for the appointment of more than 1200 Executive Engineers. If such recruitments are made without providing reservations to Muslims, there won’t be any opportunity for them to get jobs in the next 10 years.


The protest meeting was attended Ms. D.K. Aruna, former Minister. Mr. Haneef Ahmed, Chairman of Telangana Muslims Joint Action Committee, Mr. Anwar Khan, Mr. Nayeemullah Shareef, Mr. Osman Al-Hajri, Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid and others.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan further told that every citizen of Telangana has dreamt of golden Telangana and its prosperity. It is therefore the responsibility of Mr. KCR to fulfill his promise. He clarified that Sudheer Commission has no powers to recommend reservations. Only BCs Commission has the legal authority to make such recommendations. If proper representations are not obtained from BCs Commission, the issue of 12% reservation to Muslims will have to face legal complications.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that the campaign started by the Siasat Urdu Daily has now become a mass movement and it is taking the shape of a protest meeting. He impressed upon the activists of this movement to intensify it.


Former Congress Minister, Mr. D.K. Aruna told that TRS Govt. has failed to fulfill its promises. Even after the lapse of 16 months, depressed classes are deprived of justice. Mr. Haneef Ahmed made an announcement that he would continue this movement till it meets with success. He told that protest meetings and dharna programs would be organized in districts also. The leaders of INSAAF organization also extended their support for this movement.


The members of Social Welfare and Development of India organization of Hyderabad submitted a memorandum to Mr. Mohammed Zahooruddin, Tehsildar of Bandlaguda in which a demand was made for providing 12% reservation to Muslims.



–Siasat News