11-yr-old rapper shares life in Gaza through emotional song

Hyderabad: A Palestinian rapper Abdur Rahman al-Shanti uses music to spread his message of what growing up in the Gaza Strip is like. 11-year-old rapper has become an internet sensation because of his rap songs.

YouTube video

Al Jazeera quoted the young rapper as saying: “I want to tell the outside world how the Palestinians live in Gaza and how we as children are supposed to live like normal people but don’t.”

The young rapper shot to fame earlier this month after one of his cover songs on his Instagram page went viral. The song earned him more than 92,000 followers.

In the video Abdurrahman is seen standing in front of his classmates and rapping in American-accented English.

He says:

First of all, this is our country

Let me tell you how it goes

We want peace and we want love

People pray and teach who don’t

There’s a chance you can die

Let’s see what the future holds

My life is on the line

Right behind the bullet holes

I do it for my family

I do it for my soul

Some things will never change

Some things will stay the same

But when it’s said and done

Palestine will still remain

Abdurrahman’s stage name is MCA. He first took a liking to hip-hop music at the age of nine. Eminem is his favourite rapper.