11-year-old boy steals Rs 3 lakh from SBI branch in Rampur

Rampur: An eleven-year-old boy was caught on CCTV camera at the State Bank of India’s main branch in Rampur while escaping with the bag that contained Rs 3 lakh on Friday. The video footage shows the boy wearing a red shirt and blue jeans holding a bag “full of cash belonging to businessman Neeraj Khandelwal”, circle officer (city) Narendra Pal Singh said.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the written complaint of Khandelwal to the police reads: “I brought the money to deposit in the bank. I was sitting on a bench inside the bank waiting for my turn when I realised that my bag was gone.” Meanwhile, the bank has asked the security to be more alert and have displayed a notice for the clients to be more vigilant for their belongings.

“We have deployed two police teams to identify and nab the thief. The teams are combing localities close to the bank,” circle officer Singh said.

“The theft occurred in the waiting area for customers … It is not linked to any of our staff members and we have not launched any internal probe,” branch manager Ajit Kumar said.