What if these 11 arrested ISI spies, including 2 BJP workers were Muslim?

BHOPAL: Eleven people were arrested by the Madhya Pradesh police’s anti-terror squad (ATS) for allegedly helping ISI agents to spy on India’s military operations.

Of them, one is Dhruv Saxena, a member of BJP’s IT Cell and another accused is Jitendra Thakur, a close relative of BJP municipal councillor, reported Irony of India.

Noteworthy, amongst those held were nationalist “BJP members” and “NOT Muslim”

Those who talk blabbering nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism are found to be spying against the country.

What if among those arrested in espionage racket were MUSLIMS and have similar relation with non-BJP politicians?

Without a doubt, the excited media which is now silent will promptly labell the MUSLIMS as ‘terrorists, anti-national and traitor’ with national and international  linkages.

With video clips and enough masala, the media will run the news coverage 24×7 not for months but at least for weeks.

Remember, the 8 SIMI undertrials that were killed in an alleged ‘fake encounter’ on the outskirts of Bhopal on October 3.

Just because they are allegedly a member of a banned organization, the media instead of calling under-trials labelled the ‘suspected SIMI activist’ as terrorists and has ran the news no-stop for over five days.

Lat year, Farhat, the PA of Samajwadi Party’s Rajya Sabha MP Munawwar Saleem, was detained by Delhi Police in connection with the espionage racket.

The ruling BJP miss no chance to accuse the MP and has links the Samajwadi party with spying.

Munawwar Saleem even threatened commit suicide along with his family if the probe agencies manage to find any evidence of Farhat’s involvement in the espionage ring.

Will the self proclaimed patriots from right wing hindutva now say that terrorism has no religion or Hindus are also terrorist?