Over 100 injured in kite-flying accidents in Jaipur

Jaipur: Amid celebrations of Makar Sankranti festival, over 100 people, mostly children, were injured today in kite-flying related accidents in the city, officials said.

56 cases were reported to SMS government hospital while the remaining cases were treated at other hospitals.

“49 people with mild injuries were given first-aid treatment and discharged while seven including three children were admitted. They have head injuries and deep cut in throat,” Jagdish Modi, in charge of the SMS hospital’s emergency, said.

“21 people who received injuries due to manjhas or due to mishap were treated at SMS hospital. Of the 21 people, an elderly man with cut on his throat and a 13-14 year-old-girl with head injuries were admitted. The remaining were discharged,” he said.

Over 50 persons were treated at other hospitals in the city.

On the other hand, many birds were also injured due to manjha and they were treated by veterinary doctors.

NGOs also rescued several birds in the city, he said.