10 youngsters arrested for playing PUBG

Rajkot: Within a week of placing a temporary ban on PUBG in Gujarat’s Rajkot, the police has arrested 10 youngsters for violating the law in the city.

These 10 youngsters are the first to be arrested for violating the imposed ban on PUBG by playing it in public places. There were, however, released on bail after an offence was registered against them.

Among these six youngsters were arrested near Atmiya College on Kalavad Road while three others arrested from Raiya crossroads and near Galaxy Cinema and one near Neptune Tower on Wednesday.

Police Inspector VS Vanzara of Rajkot taluka police station told reporting on the case said: “All these students were arrested for violating the notification issued by the police commissioner. They were released on bail later.”

The arrested youths were Chirag Sakaria, Yakub Pathan, Rameez Falani, Madhav Vyas, Yash Joshi, Neel Adhera, Harnish Panchal, Kalpesh Rathod and Harkishan Bangrotia.

“We want to give out a stern message that the notification banning PUBG won’t remain just on paper,” said a senior police official.

These games are inviting violence in youngsters, affecting their mood and behaviour which is having a negative impact on their overall health and development.