10 Taliban insurgents killed after Kandahar airport attack

Kabul: Afghan security forces killed at least 10 Taliban insurgents after they carried out an attack on Kandahar airport late Tuesday night, said officials.

According to TOLONews, the attack started at around 6:30pm when ten insurgents wearing security force uniforms stormed the airport compound and opened fire.

“Several insurgents (have) taken up position inside a school and (are) firing at the airport,” said Sameem Khpalwak, a spokesperson for the local governor.

The episode occurred on the eve of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s high-profile visit to Islamabad for a regional conference.

The attack comes after an earlier incident in which two suicide bombers were killed following their attack on a police station in Kandahar, which happens to be one of the Taliban strongholds. (ANI)