10 lakh people attend funeral of Taajush Shariah Mufti Mohammad Akhtar Raza Khan Quadri

Bareilly: Traffic came to halt for several hours on Sunday as lakhs of mourners from across the country and abroad throng to attend the funeral of the noted cleric of the influential Dargah Aala Hazrat, Mufti Mohammad Akhtar Raza Khan Quadri better known as Azhari Miyan. The renowned cleric passed away here on Friday.

According to sources, nearly 10 lakh followers attended the funeral. According to ToI Traffic came to a halt at all prominent junctions including Bada Bazaar, Qutubkhana, Koharapeer, Biharipur, novelty crossing, Syamganj and old city localities remained completely blocked.

Clerics from UAE, Nepal, Mauritius and other countries came all the way to Bareilly to take part in the funeral prayer, which was offered at Islamia Ground. His son Qazi Maulana Asjad Raza Khan Quadri led the funeral prayer. The noted cleric was buried in Azhari guest House.