10% discount on Hyderabad Metro Rail smartcard, Know the details

Hyderabad: The Massive response and funding from the people of Hyderabad to the Metro Rail has prompted L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd, the concessionaire developing the 72-km elevated Hyderabad Metro Rail project, announced 10 percent discount on all trips made through Hyderabad Metro Rail smartcard up to March 31 next year.

In addition, Paytm is offering a flat Rs 20 cash back on the first-time recharge of Rs 100 or more per card for passengers recharging smart cards through Paytm, it said.

Know how to purchase smartcard for Hyderabad Metro Rail:

Smart Cards can be purchased from ticketing offices at the stations and they can be recharged either at the stations or through the TSavaari mobile app, Paytm and the HMR Passenger website or by using the Add Value Machine (AVM) located in the paid area on the station concourse.

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As earlier, Miyapur to Nagole stretch of the metro, covering 30 km, was opened for public on November 29.

Passengers have the choice of choosing a smart card or a token for travelling on metro, they said, even while advocating travel by smart cards for a hassle-free journey to promote the digital economy. While acknowledging the “overwhelming response” from commuters, the officials also informed that water dispensing kiosks are being set up in all the stations.

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With regard to rest rooms, L&TMRH said these are available in the unpaid area of the concourse and passengers could cross over from one side of the concourse to the other by informing the station staff for using them. However, dustbins are not being provided due to security reasons.

Though most announcements made were automatic, ‘emergency’ announcements are being triggered by the station staff for the safety of passengers. Parking facilities currently are available for passengers at Nagole, Parade Grounds, Rasoolpura, Balanagar, Kukatpally and Miyapur in the 30-km stretch where the trains are running.