‘Giriraj Singh has lost his mental balance, needs psychiatric consultation’: Shobha Oza

Congress leader Shobha Oza on Wednesday said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and union minister Giriraj Singh had lost his mental balance and needed to consult a psychiatrist following his racist remark on Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

“I think Giriraj Singh has lost his mental balance, he needs to consult a psychiatrist,” said Oza.

Activist Kavita Srivastava said the Bihar MP is well known for making absurd statements.

‘Afghan commandos conduct first successful night operation’

The Afghan Special Forces have conducted their first successful night operation, the Pentagon said, adding that this reflects the growing strength and independence of the war-ravaged nation’s security agencies.

“Last night in Afghanistan, US special operations joined Afghan commandos from the first special operations battalion in a full mission exercise demonstrating a night air assault. This was an Afghan plan, an Afghan-led mission,” Pentagon Press Secretary George Little told reporters.

Animal killing done mercifully in Islam

Sydney, June 01: IN ISLAM, eating becomes a form of spiritual nourishment. Like all acts of a Muslim, it is considered a way to worship God. Allah is invoked at the start of a meal and praised at the end, but Islamic law also governs what can be eaten, how it is to be prepared and even how it can be obtained.

”The Koran says eat and drink but do not waste,” said Sheik Mohamadu Saleem of Australian National Imams Council, who said the religious laws were drawn from the holy text and in the example set by the Prophet Muhammad in the Sunnah.

US gives muted response over Bahrain

Manama, April 27: A senior US State Department official has expressed concern over the fate of detained opposition activists in Bahrain, but stopped short of condemning the Saudi-backed crackdown on protests.

“We have expressed our condolences for those who died in custody, and we strongly urge the government to ensure that everyone in their custody is treated fairly and in accordance with international principles,” AFP quoted Jacob Sullivan, the US State Department’s director of policy planning, as saying on Tuesday.

Yemenis protest against government

Yemen, January 27: Thousands of Yemenis have taken to the streets in the country’s capital, calling for President Ali Abdullah Salehs ouster.The protests are taking place at four different locations across Sanaa, led by opposition members and youth activists. The crowds are chanting for an end to the government of Mr. Saleh, who has been in power for nearly 32 years.

UAE recognises new ruler of strategic northern emirate

Ras Al-Khaimah, October 29: Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al-Qassimi will succeed his father, who died on Wednesday, as ruler of the tiny but strategic emirate of Ras al-Khaimah.

Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed al-Qassimi, 92, died in Ras al-Khaimah, the official WAM news agency of the United Arab Emirates reported earlier.

In official recognition of Sheikh Saud’s succession to the post of emir, the UAE’s Federal Supreme Council “expressed its full support for Sheikh Saud as ruler of Ras al-Khaimah,” in a statement carried by WAM.

Taliban execute pregnant woman in Afghanistan

Herat, August 09: The Taliban publicly flogged and then executed a pregnant Afghan widow by emptying three shots into her head for alleged adultery, police said today.

Bibi Sanubar, 35, was kept in captivity for three days before she was shot dead in a public trial yesterday by a local Taliban commander in the Qadis district of the rural western province Badghis.

The Taliban accused Sanubar of having an “illicit affair” that left her pregnant. She was first punished with 200 lashes in public before being shot, deputy provincial police chief Ghulam Mohammad Sayeedi told AFP.

Kuwait rejects Washington remarks on blogger’s trial

Kuwait, June 15: Kuwait’s foreign minister rejected US State Department comments about the case of a blogger on trial for allegedly insulting the country’s ruler, a local newspaper reported Monday.

Daily Al Anbaa quoted Shaikh Mohammad Al Salem Al Sabah as saying concerns expressed earlier this month amounted to interfering in Kuwait’s internal affairs. Blogger and journalist Mohammad Abdul Kader Al Jasem faces up to 18 years in prison if convicted, according to his lawyers.

Putin: Gaza siege, Iran sanctions ‘ineffective’

Sochi, June 09: Russia is working closely with other states to ease concern over Iran’s nuclear programme but views sanctions like those expected to be approved by the UN on Wednesday as ineffective, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said.

“Sanctions are basically ineffective,” Putin said in an interview two days ahead of the vote by the UN Security Council likely to slap a fourth round of sanctions on Tehran.

Yemen official, 4 guards killed in anti-Qaeda strike

Sanaa, May 25: A Yemeni air strike against an Al-Qaeda operative claimed the lives of a local official and four of his bodyguards and the target managed to flee after being wounded, a security source said Tuesday.

“The Al-Qaeda operative, Mohamed Said Bin Jardane, was wounded and then escaped,” the source said of the overnight strike on a farm in the eastern province of Marib.

But a local official, Jaber Ali al-Shabwani and four of his bodyguards “were killed in the strike,” the source said, adding that the vehicle they were in was at the farm that was bombed in the raid.

Bahrain bans Al-Jazeera

Manama, May 19: Bahraini authorities have banned Al-Jazeera television, based in the adjacent state of Qatar, from operating in the kingdom for “violating” professional norms, the state BNA news agency said Wednesday.

The ministry of culture and information “has decided to temporarily freeze the operations of the office of the Qatari satellite channel Al-Jazeera,” BNA said quoting a ministry statement issued late on Tuesday.

It said the measure was in response to Al-Jazeera’s “violation of professional norms and not abiding by the laws and rules that regulate press and publishing.”

The beautiful word is ALLAH,

The beautiful word is ALLAH,
The beautiful word is ALLAH,
Most beautiful song is AZAN,
Best exercise is NAMAZ,
World perfect book is QURAN,
And You are so lucky if YOU are a MUSALMAN.

Israel PM expresses ‘regret’ over settlement timing

Tel Aviv, March 11: Hardline Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a public apology to the visiting US vice president on Thursday in a bid to defuse a row over illegal Jeiwsh settlements which prompted a Palestinian boycott of indirect peace talks.

Vice President Joe Biden welcomed Netanyahu’s statement but again criticised Israel’s decision to approve construction of 1,600 new homes for illegal Jewish settlers in Israeli-occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem, which was announced during his visit this week.

Ahmadinejad: NATO obstacle to Afghan peace

Kabul, March 10: Iran’s president on Wednesday criticised NATO troops as an obstacle to peace in Afghanistan during his visit to the war-torn country.

“We do not see the presence of foreign military forces in Afghanistan as a solution for peace in Afghanistan,” said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a joint news conference with Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

“Our policy is full support for the Afghan people and Afghan government and reconstruction of Afghanistan and we will continue this support in the future,” Ahmadinejad said.

Iran: IAEA bends to political influence

Tokyo, February 26: Iran’s parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani on Friday accused the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), of bending to pressure from the world powers.

“One of the defects in the IAEA is that it changes positions and attitudes if it is put under certain political pressure,” said Larijani when asked about an agency report that said Iran may be seeking nuclear weapons.

Al Dhafra Festival 2010 to kick off on 30th January

Abu Dhabi, January 26: Thousands of camels will line up in Madinat Zayed when the Al Dhafra Festival kicks off on 30th January in the Western Region.

The 3rd Al Dhafra Festival, the most inspiring show of local tradition and heritage, is organised by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) under the patronage of General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

Mr and Mrs Netanyahu under fire over maid abuse

Tel Aviv, January 26: Already at the centre of unwelcome media attention over claims she mistreated a maid, Israel’s first lady Sara Netanyahu is facing another lawsuit from a housekeeper, the Yediot Aharonot newspaper said on Monday.

The case was filed over two months ago but the court imposed a gag order, at the request of the housekeeper who made the complaint, the mass-circulation paper reported.

Ten bodies recovered from plane crash

Beirut, January 25: Lebanese rescue teams have recovered 10 bodies from the wreckage of an airliner that crashed after takeoff in stormy weather off the coast just south of Beirut.

“We have so far found 10 bodies at the crash site off the coast of Naameh (12 kilometres) south of the Beirut airport,” a defence ministry official said on condition of anonymity on Monday.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409, carrying 90 passengers and crew, lost contact with the airport control tower shortly after takeoff and crashed into the Mediterranean sea about 2.30am (1130 AEDT).

Egypt blasts ‘racist’ violence against immigrants in Italy

Cairo, January 13: Egypt strongly condemned on Tuesday attacks on African farm workers in southern Italy and voiced concerns about the Muslim minority there, just days before Italy’s foreign minister is due in Cairo.

“The foreign ministry deplores the violence that occurred in the Italian town of Rosarno,” and “the massive campaign of aggression” against immigrants, ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said in a statement.

Abu Dhabi wins GCC eGovernment Award

Muscat, December 27: The Abu Dhabi eGovernment Portal, www.abudhabi.ae, of the United Arab Emirates won the inaugural GCC eGovernment Award, which was received by Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General of Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre, at the award ceremony held today at Al Bustan Hotel, Muscat.

This award comes as a part of the 1st GCC eGovernment Conference organised by the Information Technology Authority, Sultanate of Oman from December 21 to 23.

Achhi batien


A..Allah se daro

A..Allah se daro… B…Bismillah se shuro karo…
C…Chor ko saza do… D…Deen seekho…
E…Eilum hasil karo… F…Farz ada karo…
G…Gussa mat karo… H…Haj ada karo…
I…Ibadat karo… J…Jannat millegi…
K….Kalma pado… L…Laa ilaha illalha…
M…Muhammad ur rasool allah… N…Namaz pado…
O…Omar ka lihaz karo… P…Parda karo…
Q…Quran pado… R…Roza rakho… S…Shukriya ada karo…
T…Tauba karo… U…Ummeed rakho… V…Vazoo karo…
W…Waqt ka lihaz karo… X…Xtra nafil pado…


Sahi Bukhari
Volume 1, Book 5, Number 248:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

Whenever the Prophet took a bath after Janaba he started by washing his hands and then performed ablution like that for the prayer. After that he would put his fingers in water and move the roots of his hair with them, and then pour three handfuls of water over his head and then pour water all over his body.