Sunday , May 28 2017
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Zahed Ali Khan releases booklet on Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is the role model for the entire mankind. Hence it is our duty to introduce this great personality to non-Muslim brothers. Allah has sent us to the earth as his Vicegerent. These views were expressed by Islamic preacher Ghulam Nabi Shah Naqshbandi on the occasion of release of booklet on Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

Siasat editor Nawab Zahed Ali Khan released the booklet ‘Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in Eminent’s Eyes’ and said that anti-Islamic forces are trying to distort the image of Muslims and Islam. In this scenario it is the need of the hour to present the introduction of the last Prophet (pbuh) in different languages.

Khateeb and Dr. Mohammed Siraj ur Rahman told that this booklet could help in creating peaceful atmosphere.

The booklet can be obtained from Dr. Siraj Vila adjacent Jama Masjid Azizia, Humayun Nagar.

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