Thursday , May 25 2017
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Youth Held For Blackmailing Girls After Chatting

The Cyberabad Police today paraded before the media one Abdul Majid, who had allegedly blackmailed hundreds of girls after chatting with them.
Speaking to the media here on Friday, Cyberabad Police Commissioner C V Anand said they were sharing details of the case as every house has a face-book, twitter and access with social networks. He said Abdul Majid, 21, pursuing Engineering, created six face book profile accounts, kept girls’ photos and chatted with some 200 girls.
In the beginning, the CP said, Majid influences girls in the name of friendship and starts chatting and enquires about their personal details. Later, Majid starts blackmailing and threatens them that he would post their nude photos by creating them. Majid also threatened the girls saying that he would upload nude photos of the girls in porn websites. Thus the accused was indulging in this activity for the last 18 months, he said. “No girl told about Majid’s black mailing activity to their parents due to mental torture. But, a few days ago, one girl dared to lodge a complaint against Majid’s atrocities.
Anand said Majid brought all the girls to such a condition that they were not in a position to reveal about his blackmailing activity. Afraid of Majid’s blackmailing, several girls listened to him and did what he said. Anand said parents of six girls lodged complaints against Majid and filed cases against them. The CP said the parents were giving i-pods to their children in the name of education. The culprit targeted big schools and took advantage of girls’ weakness for having a number of friends as a prestige, he said and revealed 10 face book accounts of Majid and suggested to the parents to get i-pods disconnected.
Anand said there was a need to the schools and colleges to recruit cyber security staff along with providing laptops, ipods to the students. The incidents like Majid will occur just because of carelessness, Anand said and added that he would suggest the same to the government. “We will bring Cyber Security Project’, he added.
Cyberabad Commissioner praised courage of a girl and her mother for coming forward to tell about the atrocities of the Majid. He said the parents should be in a position to share every issue with their children.
Speaking to the media, a victim’s mother said the parents have to extend support to the children in such situations. The parents have to give an opportunity to the children to tell their problem. “The parents have to give confidence that they are with them if something happened”, she said. She also said her daughter came to her and told about the black mailing messages sent by Majid. (NSS)